A human mind experimental analysis.

Travel is trivial for taciturn to turn into buoyant

Many people are just nomads , they don’t have any mission in their life , they don’t know what is ladder and where the ladder will take them .And specially when taciturn people who don’t want to explore themselves they never learn what is the world for and what are their life meant to be .After spending too many years of their life on earth they just like a person who was at the time of their birth , means they can’t change themselves nor learn from life. Although they travel a lot and sight-seeing the world but they don’t share their ideas , dont talk , don’t open themselves to other , because they are daunting to being expose to others , they are negative thinkers, narrow minder from their home , they never experience new things in life , always fear to do some new , never believe upon themself, They are lacking in self power that’s is the major  hurdle in their success , in their fruitful life.Those type of people can’t grow even they travel a lot because they are just nomads ,wander without reason .

win a world through a dice

Would you think what you get from being jealous

Jealousy is a secondary emotion and typically refers to the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something that the person values, particularly in reference to a human connection

Excerpt:“Some people who get jealous are actually wanting to improve in that area but need to work it out after having a bad experience from trusting before”

The above is  true ,Everyone who want to accomplish the same goals , same achievements they have some jealousy with  someone in the relevant area because they are lacking in that area , but if they try to destroy other due to their jealousy , they don’t know what they are achieving from it , they are just wasting their time, energy and money to ruin others , even its true if they use the same energy ,potential in building themselves they can be more good than the person with whom they are being jealous .So think about it once before being jealous.

Winter blows over , but it will comes again

Its a hope thats why every body leads a life, life is not static , as seasons are not . The moments are not remained same , it flows like water but it will happen that the water flows from the same peaks and abyss. Same places , same scenes come to life again but every time the human reaction to those events are different.


“Below poem is an excerpt taken from internet”

In The Clouds

Bright in flames
They’re melting with the snow
Precious wishes
Heavenwards they go
Secrets keep, no-one need ever know

When you’re in the clouds
You’re just a breath away

Painted words are whispered
It’s no prayer
Whispering words
Are drifting like the snow

Forgiveness is better than Revenge. Is it ?

Islam says its better to forgive even if you have a power , competency to beat your rivalry. It will end the disputes, and make the world right place to live as heaven but if you are going to take revenge from any body it wil be an endless loop, when they get opportunity , power , they do same , and the war never ends .

“Proactivity is better than reactivity ,cure”

“Alertness is better than fight”